NineZeroNine Podcast Episode 12

Posted by Jason On July 15, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Forgive us for taking a week off, but sometimes, it happens. This week we’re back and getting right back into the swing of things. We’ve got new drinks, a movie review, prehistoric news, and we try our best at being “experts” on the judicial system (Spoiler alert: We don’t know anything about anything). Now let  [ Read More ]

NineZeroNine Podcast Episode 11

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It’s the NineZeroNine Podcast “Happy Canada Day” edition. Well, kind of. It just happened to turn out that we recorded this one Canada Day. This week, we finally convinced Mike to join us. We’re keeping with then Canada Day theme and talking about the NHL Draft. Everything else in this podcast is ‘Murican. So sit  [ Read More ]

NineZeroNine Podcast Episode 10

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Normally, 10 would be considered a reasonable milestone. But when it takes you 2+ years to do it, it becomes pretty pathetic that it took that long. Nevertheless, here we are. This week we’re talking sports, movies, and travel. As always, we have drinks in hand and your weekly recommendations. Happy viewing/listening! This Week’s DrinksJustin  [ Read More ]

NineZeroNine Podcast Episode 9

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Another week, another podcast! This week, Russ was able to join us. We’re talking about beer, lottery, and social habits this week. As always, we have our weekly recommendations, as well as some possible post-podcast activities. So grab a beer, and give it a listen! This week’s beersJustin – Lagunitas Hop StoopidRuss – Samuel Adams  [ Read More ]

NineZeroNine Podcast Episode 8

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True to our word, this is a second consecutive week with a podcast! This week we’re talking about beer, Xbox One, sports, and Apple (we don’t know why we’re talking about it, either). Once again we’re doing this via Google+ Hangouts. Apologies for the video and audio being a bit off. We know how annoying  [ Read More ]